Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I am a 30 year resident of Las Vegas.  I was born and raised in Maryland.  Growing up in Maryland had its perks: bountiful seafood (blue crabs & Old Bay!), Ocean City, Boardwalk fries, plenty of parks, lakes, fishing, horse racing and rich in history.  I loved it but when my parents retired to Las Vegas, it was not hard to convince me that it would be a good idea to move near them.  No state income tax in Nevada is a wonderful selling point.  That and knowing that I could visit the snow on my terms with a 30 minute drive to Mt. Charleston instead of shoveling my driveway and de-icing my car throughout winter was a bonus.

I moved to Las Vegas in 1994 and raised my family here.  Despite the reputation of neon and glitz, I had no problem finding parks and adventures appropriate for children and pets.  Of course it is hard for an adult to get bored in Las Vegas too.  I could always find great concerts, events, shopping and outdoor fun.

I was finally able to finish my Business Administration degree and suddenly the thought of sitting in an office all day seemed depressing.  I always loved this town and paid attention to the various neighborhoods so it occurred to me that real estate would be a great fit.  This business is a wonderful mix of creative marketing, negotiation & contracts, continuing education, meeting people and traveling.  I absolutely love it!

If you are thinking of buying, selling or investing in real estate in Southern Nevada, we should talk.  It would be my pleasure to help you.  My past clients have said that I am knowledgeable, patient and delightful to work with ( I may have paraphrased that last one).  See what they actually said in the reviews below.

Let me represent you in your purchase, and I'll cover the cost of your Appraisal, up to $2000.
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